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About Us

Dynamite Development is looking to revolutionize the governance and documentation process of Salesforce teams by providing a tool to help track projects and their dependencies. Right now teams use multiple methods of trying to keep track of projects and their features, and how they relate to their Salesforce organization.

As companies grow, features are added to address their pain points and processes to drive adoption of Salesforce. As a result, their Salesforce environment is riddled with duplicate fields, processes, and objects. To alleviate this problem, Dyno Dev plans to introduce Catalio, a new catalog and resource management solution design for the Salesforce platform.

We believe Catalio will allows teams to catalog their projects in Salesforce directly to the objects and fields that they use creating an enterprise level view of a Salesforce environment. This will give team a view of the various projects built on the Salesforce platform help to synchronize strategic objects across project and reduce redundancy.

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