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Catalio is a documentation app that helps view and track your Salesforce capabilities. admins and teams stay update on projects from the beginning to the end.

What can I do with Catalio?

Catalio can provide a clear view of details and requirements for each capability in your Salesforce Organization from conception to implementation.

  • See what capabilities your company offers: Track, report and understand all that you offer with Salesforce.
  • Capture features: One easy place to capture existing and future desired features for all of your capabilities.
  • Better understand your users: Document and understand how your users interact with your capabilities.
  • Onboard and reduce support: Provide an easy way to help your team contribute on day one.

All of this is accomplished by creating more accurate and reliable documentation that is connected to your Salesforce Organization.

Who uses Catalio?

  • Salesforce Admins & Developers who want to capture all of the implementation details of how all of the capabilities are implemented.
  • Salesforce Architects looking to describe and share how all of Salesforce capabilities within the company work, or at least should!
  • Product Owners who want to see all of the existing or planned capabilities, features and overall health of their Salesforce implementation is at any time.
  • Business Stakeholders who desire to keep track of their capabilities and requests.

What sets Catalio apart?

Unlike a mix of disconnected documentation tools in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, JIRA, etc…, Catalio is connected to your Salesforce Organization. You can directly connect how your features should work, to the Salesforce Metadata and show how it actually works!

Not only does Catalio help you track your capabilities, with all of the amazing features, Catalio also helps govern your ever increasing Salesforce organization.

Want to know more?

Head over to our website to learn more and to connect with our team.

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